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The American University of the Caribbean

School of Medicine - Cupecoy, St. Maarten

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Welcome AUC Students

The AUC off-campus housing database is now taking reservations for both
new incoming & returning students.

As a reminder, multiple reservations are not allowed.

For help with reserving or with your ad, please contact us at:
or call 1-844-853-5980

Disclaimer: Inclusion of listings on our The American University of the Caribbean Off Campus housing website does not imply (explicitly or implicitly) the endorsement of or recommendation by The American University of the Caribbean. While properties and landlords listed on the website have been reviewed for compliance with certain minimum standards, this service is provided solely for your convenience, and you are responsible for evaluating the potential properties, landlords, and roommates. There are other sources of information available to you about housing, including newspapers, other websites and recommendations of other students; however, listings and landlords that do not appear on the website have either not been reviewed or have been denied listing for non-compliance with the minimum standards and may present added risk. Complications that may arise between students and landlords or between roommates, whether listed on the site or not, are your responsibility to resolve. The American University of the Caribbean reserves the right to withdraw listings from the website without cause or notice.

Rentals in the Cupecoy Area

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